I’m Alex Lindeman,
a dev-ops & software engineer
from Washington, DC.

I build cool things for cool people.


WMATA With You

A Pebble smartwatch app for DC’s Metrorail and Metrobus. Displays realtime bus and train schedules & service advisories for stations near your physical location. Written with Pebble.js and the WMATA API.

Mobile Market Manager

A specialized iPad point-of-service application designed and developed for TheFarmersMarket.co. It replaces their error-prone old method of pen-and-paper transaction recordkeeping, and generates financial reports.


A simple implementation of goname as an opinionated CLI tool, for easily managing DNS records on Name.com. Also features testing and an automatic release process. Created with Go.


A platform for storing project information, credentials, and documentation for client and internal projects, as well as general discussion with a basic voting system. Written using Laravel 5 and JavaScript.

Suburban sprawl study

Used publicly available data from USGS and the Census Bureau to locate suburban sprawl in Virginia counties and cities where population had drastically increased in the last 20 years. Created with ArcMap and arcpy.

Oakland Street Publishing

Created an all-new corporate presence for Oakland Street Publishing, as the website and logo had hardly changed since 1998. Logo was made with Adobe Illustrator, and the website with vanilla HTML and CSS.